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Chaos always fascinated me, universe is huge and full of bits of many kinds of different things and stuffs. When you shake it all, collisions between them happen which make « some things » become « something ». Cities are shaking machines made by humans to shake their lifes all together so it’s a place where this transformation happens more than anywhere else. A significant part of these translations forms the chaos, it could be see as a kind of garbage made by the city machine but I see it as bits of things and stuffs that just need to be shaken again. My works is about collecting and connecting these bits with a will of universality.
« Some things » becoming « something » is a construction of meaningless bits becoming a meaningful ensemble. The sum of all these bits of reality, dots, letters, blinks of light, pixels, secondes, words, minutes, sentences, hours, thoughts, days, talks, electric impulsions, drops of ink, screws, drop of water, ropes, drops of oil, springs, drops of paint, wire, drops of blood, wells, branches, pieces of thread, rays of sun, tissues, drop of wine, atoms, grains of sand, handful of soil, cells, colours, tears, musical notes, humans = reality within which there is its only blurry vague and wrong representation that we can perceive and that prevent us to ever grasp it.
But I want to keep trying anyway.

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