Pierre Coric

Artist - Currently based in Antwerp
Chaos, systems and vibrations

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AA-ZZZZZ - 2018 - current

Something about the extreme improbability that “ some things “ have to be «something», or the arbitrary aspect of language: its completeness, meaningfulness and meaninglessness, chaos, systems, structures, combinations, multitudes, and choices. It is dedicated to all the words that exist, do not exist, will exist or once existed.

In these books is printed the output of a small and rather simple algorithm that I wrote in 2018: all the permutation of the 26 letters of the Latin alphabet from two to five letters. It's a small idea but it gives an overwhelming lot of results.
In simpler terms, it's everything you can ever possibly write with the latin alphabet up to five letters.
These are books to interact with. Peoples browsing them are invited to circle in red the words that they find in whatever language that they speak or know. They have been designed as a gathering point where the audience can meet and share.
I also give lectures of them, reading them from the beginning and starting each new performance by the word that I reach in the previous one.
This work is a tool, the starting point of wider projects.
see: Performance in Rongwrong, Performance in Hospcotch Reading Room and Performance in Miss Read
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