Pierre Coric

Currently in Ostend
Chaos, systems and vibrations


AA-ZZ: Antwerp - 2019

There is a wide spectrum going from meaningless to meaningful.
Can we measure the position of something on this spectrum? The notion of meaning is decided by consensus when enough people agree that "this sign" means "this thing".
A word will mean something in a first language, maybe something (else) in a second and probably nothing in a third.
Then came the Internet. Now we have access to "everything". Try to type a random string of letters in a web browser and see what happens.
This page has been made using an algorithm scraping Google image by entering all the combinations of letters from AA to ZZ.
The process is sensitive to the location and identity of the person who runs it. Your personnal computer would generate another page than this one.
The result is a tool for understanding. Keep in mind that it is not neutral, it's up to you to analyze it and unravel its layers and dig some meaning out.
The whole is more than the sum of the parts.