Pierre Coric

Chaos, systems and vibrations
Maya is currently in Folleux


NowBelgiumNow - 2021

The story of a collision.
In collaboration with Garance Picard

On the 2nd of September 2021, Garance Picard and I were on our way to Antwerp with the Maya to take part in the show NowBelgiumNom organised by LLS Paleis. Around midnight, we were sailing fast on the Scheldt while approaching the nuclear power plant of Doel. A tanker was gaining on us in this particularly narrow fraction of the river. We decided to leave the channel to give her way but in this specific spot there was no space at all outside the marked route. Our boat hit a rock.
We were lucky, the tide was high and only the keel of Maya has been hit but it. Nevertheless, we had to do something about this traumatic event before leaving again for a few weeks of travel on the sea.
We decided to go where we hit the rock to search and find it using a small sailing dinghy.
We then brought the elements of this story to the show before kissing goodbyes to the city.

Curated by Stella Lohaus and Ulrike Lindmayr

Picture of the performance by Jade Kerremans and pictures of the show by Fabrice Picard