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Chaos, systems and vibrations
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Objects v.s. Things - Kunsthal Extra City - Antwerp - 2019

Object v.s. Things was a group show with my dear colleagues from AAIR: Valentin Cernat, Lola Daels, Eva Van Tongeren and Maxime Rykaerts. It has been curated by Fadwa Naamna and took place in Kunsthal Extra City (Antwerp) in September 2019.
For this show, I built an electronic instrument using hacked flashing barricade lights used to signal danger in public space. This instrument was made of hardware synthesizers and of personal algorithms that were handling the communication between the lights and the synthesizers. Each time a light was blinking, it was triggering a specific musical note. At the same time as it was playing, this instrument was recording the time and height of each note being triggered. Trough another algorithm, the information of a 1'36'' music piece made with this instrument became the instructions for a site-specific wall painting.
Thanks to everyone who helped: Bela Jutner, Anna Godzina, Laura Van Lokven, Betul, Carl Haase, Emily Kelly, Suzanna Sosnowska, Misia Halawa and whoever I might forget.

Video of the build up by Ena Podgorac

Pierre Coric ยท 1m46s

picture by Mark Rietveld

pictures by Tomas Uyttendaele