Pierre Coric

Chaos, systems and vibrations
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The Treehouse - 2018

The Treehouse project started in February 2018 when I invited a handful of friends to come to help me building a treehouse in the forest in Linkeroever (in Antwerp, on the other side of the river Schelde). Days after days, it became a meeting point and the materialization of the social network that we were creating. We gathered there every Saturday from February until June.
There was no plan made, everything was improvised on location according to the place and the materials that were found. Everybody was welcome to join and many different peoples did.
In June, I organised the Treehouse Day. It started with a bike parade going from groenplaats to the location. Everybody was invited to show or do whatever they wanted so we had performances and personal works showed in this place.
The treehouse is organic and therefore it is in constant evolution.