Pierre Coric

Currently in Ostend
Chaos, systems and vibrations


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Building Polyliths

A Polylith is a fluid-structure.
It doesn't exist, but it's already here, somewhere among us.
It is built to collectively invent and spread new stories.
It is a tool which usages lay in the process of making it as well as in its final form.
It is made in collaboration with active and passive, humans and non-humans actors of a specific place.
Polyliths builders accept the inevitable decay of their structure as well as their constant evolution.
This inevitable decay followed by the final disintegration of the structure is only seen by the Polyliths builders as an opportunity to spread and re-crystallize later, in some other time and space.
Only a community can pretend to own a Polylith. As Language, it only exists spread among each of us. Nobody could ever grasp all the elements of a Polylith.
Hence, Polyliths never/always fully exist.

I start thinking and writing about the Polyliths in March 2020 in Warsaw. I was conducting a research project around the River Wisła during my residency at C.C.A. Ujazdowski castle. Some political struggles are taking place there as the far-right Polish government is trying to turn this institution into a conservative art-space. During my research, I became really interested in river sand. This material is extracted and used for construction purposes in Warsaw. After the war, the debris of the city was partially spread in the river.
Turns out that with the same material, sand, you can build cities, castles or make glass depending of which energy you deploy.
The uses of the cities, castles or glass objects are also multiples and depends on your approach.
Deprived of its vital energy, a castle is just a dull block of sand.

After Re-watching "2001 A Space Oddysey", these ideas start to crystalize into the word Polylith. The counterpart of the Monolith. The monolith is a representation of a certain idea of progress, intelligence, and knowledge. It pulls history into a precise direction, violently, mercilessly, and in a fashion that seems automatic. Polyliths take the present day. Originate from context and adapt to the situation while trying to inflect it in whatever direction seem the best at a given moment with always the risk and acceptance of potential mistakes.

Confronting the objective conspiracy of the order of things, there is a diffuse conspiracy of which we are de facto members. The Invisible Committee - To Our Friends - 2007

Some Things Becoming "Something"

Chaos always fascinated me, the universe is huge and full of bits of many kinds of different things and stuff. When you shake it all, collisions between them happen which sometimes makes "some things" become "something". At some point, some things became "Humans" and "Cities".
Cities are shaking machines made by humans to shake their lives all together so it’s a place where this transformation happens more than anywhere else. A significant part of these translations forms the chaos, it could be seen as a kind of garbage made by the city machine but I see it as bits of things and stuff that just need to be shaken again. I'm working on finding, collecting and connecting these bits with a will of universality. I'm exploring existing systems or inventing my own ones in order to do so.
«Some things» becoming «something» is a construction of meaningless bits becoming a meaningful ensemble. The sum of all these bits of reality, dots, letters, blinks of light, pixels, seconds, words, minutes, sentences, hours, thoughts, days, talks, years, electric impulsions, drops of ink, screws, drops of water, ropes, drops of oil, springs, drops of paint, wire, drops of blood, wells, branches, pieces of thread, pebbles, rays of sun, tissues, drops of wine, atoms, grains of sand, handfuls of soil, cells, colours, tears, musical notes, humans = reality within which there is its blurry vague and wrong representation that we can only perceive and prevent us to ever grasp it.
Always doubting of my perception, I will keep trying to grasp, here and there, some crumbs of reality.

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